Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eye Candy

Do you know what eye candy is? To me, eye candy is beauty. A pretty person is “eye candy.” A pretty place is eye candy…and right now we are in one of those pretty places. Yesterday we drove from Colter Bay to West Yellowstone. Seeing the magnificent Teton Range floating above Jackson Lake is eye candy. Seeing Lewis Falls is eye candy. Seeing an elk browse on tall grass in a meadow is eye candy. Seeing the lodgepole pines reach up to brush the sky—you got it—eye candy. It’s places like this that make you connect with nature. These are the places that relax your body and ease your mind. There are not words that can describe the feeling of good eye candy…but if you want to experience it, come visit The Tetons and Yellowstone. Pictures can try to capture these places, but they fail in the end. Eye candy is only in the mind of the beholder and pictures are but a ghost of what is really here.

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