Sunday, April 29, 2012


If my father was alive he would be 101 today. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Frame Artist

Another new app (I do like Apps Gone Free!)...this one is called Frame Artist. It allows you to create interesting frames for your pictures. You can also use it to make calendars or cards or newsletters. I used it to frame a few flowers. Frame Artist is free today only. I have also included a pic of the app to help you find it at the AppStore.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Apps Gone Free

Here's a fun app that leads to more fun apps. The concept is simple. Get this app and register. Then everyday Apps Gone Free will send you a message giving you information and links to others apps that are on sale for free that day.

A little known secret about apps is they go on sale every now and then. You can scour the app store to find the free for a day apps on your own...or you can use Apps Gone Free and it will find them for you.

If you like to shopping, and not spend a lot, this is the app for you! It's also a great way to try out an app...if you don't like it you don't have to keep it. If you do, what a deal!

In the last few days I've discovered a postcard app called Postale which is a hoot. I've downloaded 2 children's books, a 3D compass, an alarm clock, a fun word game called Words with Birds and a few photo apps.

It's a fun way to feed your iPad new stuff.

Monday, April 23, 2012


The other day I said the hillsides were finally green and the flowers were blooming. Great gobs of's a delight! This morning every blooming thing was enjoying the sun.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


The other day we had one of our regular appointments with the dermatologist to get the vagaries of sun and time removed. Since we go there too often I asked if there was an easier way to have the sun damage removed for our faces. The doc said YES. A new product, Picato, just came out two weeks ago. You can use it at home. He showed us the promotion packet provided by the drug company and then he carefully explained the directions for use. He asked if we had insurance and when we said we did, he wrote the scrip for the other DrC.

We took the Rx to the pharmacy and because the product was so new they did not have it. They ordered it and it was scheduled to arrive the next day.

Sure enough it was at the pharmacy the next day. That's when the clerk said there's been a glitch with your husband's insurance. It will be $700.00. The dermatologist asked us if we had insurance--now I knew why!

Needless to say I found out what caused the glitch (a missing group number) -- I called my husband, got the number, and the glitch was fixed. Even wIth insurance, it was $50. Since a visit to the dermatologist is less than $700 but more than $50 this might be a good deal.

I get home with the smallest bag the pharmacy has. Sitting at the bottom of this tiny bag is a small blue box. I open the small blue box and discover 3 of the tiniest tubes I have ever seen. This stuff is gold (maybe platinum) in a tube!

The directions say to use one tube a day for 3 days. So far we have not used the medication. I'll let you know how it works.

Mirror Mirror

Tonight we had a date to see the movie "Mirror Mirror." It's a remake of the classic Snow White story this time told from the point of view of the wicked stepmother.

Julie Roberts plays the Wicked Stepmother Queen with great delight. I can imagine the fun she had vamping the part. Lily Collins plays the innocent and much maligned princess Snow White. The handsome Prince Alcott is played by Armie Hammer. There are 7 "giant" dwarfs named Grimm, Butcher, Wolf, Napoleon, Grub, Half Pint, and Chuckles. To round out the cast is Sean Bean who plays the old King.

The movie is good old-fashioned fun. The adults in the audience were laughing as much as the kids. The costumes are over the top, as are the pranks. If you want to get away from it all (which does not sound like a bad idea considering the economy) this is a good place to go. We both liked it a lot!

Saturday, April 21, 2012


It took a long time for the hills in northern California to turn green this year...but after a wintery March with lots of rain, they are now green. The wild flowers are blooming too. Spring is here!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

San Francisco

We are in San Francisco today...the lovely City by the Bay...or for old timers Baghdad by the Bay (if you are a local and remember Herb Cain you will know that nickname. If you are an outsider, you might be wondering what I'm talking about!)

We crossed under the Golden Gate Bridge as dawn approached. Now we are "parked" with a view of that wonderful structure. It's bright and sunny with a few puffy white clouds
There are a few sailboats plying the Bay waters. The seagulls and pelicans are swooping -- it looks like they are having fun in the slight breeze.

San Francisco has trotted out a wonderfully sunny day for our boatload of tourists---and they are probably thinking "GEE what a pretty place." Little do they know how rare this day is! I'm happy for first time visitors to "The City" as she needs all the good publicity she can get.

On the Sapphire Princess

Guess what? We are on a cruise! OK I guess that's not a big surprise. It's a short 7 day adventure that sails the coast off CA. Today we are in San Diego. Since we have had bad weather in northern CA I sort of expected it here and I'm wrong! Its partly sunny! I'm looking at the city from balcony room and life is good! Room service breakfast sounds good too!


The Jones Act (or some such law) says that you have to sail to a foreign port before entering a US port. This cruise takes us to several US ports BUT before we go any farther we must hit a foreign port. To do that we are going to Mexico! It's just a short hop from San Diego. We arrived early this morning and a few intrepid tourists are plying their ways through the mean and dirty streets of this corrupt border town. Can you tell that I'm not going to Ensenada? It's not my cup of tea.

Tonight is our first formal night so we are going to get dressed up (something we only do on a ship) and stroll the Promenade Deck to a nice dinner. Later, we will take in a show or two (2 good choices tonight) have a taste of bubbly and have a good time.

Tomorrow we will be at sea all day as we sail north to San Francisco. I'm expecting a choppy ride up the coast of CA. I hope I'm wrong!

San Diego

We are not doing much on this cruise but relax! That's a good reason to cruise. I'm trying to find stuff on the ship. Everyone knows where the food is but not too many folks can find the Conservatory.

It is an indoor-outdoor swim area with hot tubs, pool, table tennis and lounge chairs (indoor-outdoor because the roof is retractible--today it is closed). Decorating the walls and columns are mosaics of denizens of tropical waters. It's a good place to swim, lounge and avoid stray ping pong balls.