Sunday, April 22, 2012


The other day we had one of our regular appointments with the dermatologist to get the vagaries of sun and time removed. Since we go there too often I asked if there was an easier way to have the sun damage removed for our faces. The doc said YES. A new product, Picato, just came out two weeks ago. You can use it at home. He showed us the promotion packet provided by the drug company and then he carefully explained the directions for use. He asked if we had insurance and when we said we did, he wrote the scrip for the other DrC.

We took the Rx to the pharmacy and because the product was so new they did not have it. They ordered it and it was scheduled to arrive the next day.

Sure enough it was at the pharmacy the next day. That's when the clerk said there's been a glitch with your husband's insurance. It will be $700.00. The dermatologist asked us if we had insurance--now I knew why!

Needless to say I found out what caused the glitch (a missing group number) -- I called my husband, got the number, and the glitch was fixed. Even wIth insurance, it was $50. Since a visit to the dermatologist is less than $700 but more than $50 this might be a good deal.

I get home with the smallest bag the pharmacy has. Sitting at the bottom of this tiny bag is a small blue box. I open the small blue box and discover 3 of the tiniest tubes I have ever seen. This stuff is gold (maybe platinum) in a tube!

The directions say to use one tube a day for 3 days. So far we have not used the medication. I'll let you know how it works.

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