Wednesday, November 17, 2010

RV Lot

As you know, we are RV-ers...have been for a long, long time. So, looking at RVs is something we like to do. Going to an RV show is fun and because we get to see the new stuff that is out there...and dangerous because we might end up buying a new RV. You never know.

So, the other day, when I was on my photo-safari, I was surprised to come upon this group of old Shasta trailers. These small trailers were common when we started to RV in 1972. They were little, about 15 feet long, and had “wings” in the back telling the world that they were futuristic, forward thinking trailers! They were made by the Shasta company, of Goshen, Indiana.

What fun to see these old RVs. While they don’t have slide-out rooms, microwaves, queen sized beds, or LCD TVs, they do have the essentials you need to have fun in the great outdoors. They look really good considering they are all over 40 years old!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Covered Bridge

I discovered that the Covered Bridge is NOT old. In fact it’s supposed to be the newest covered bridge in the CA. It was completed in 1984, and it was a work of love by a city planner. Mr. Castleberry had a dream and he volunteered his time, effort and his network of friends, to build a covered bridge to Oregon City.  The barn red bridge is 50 feet long.

Here’s a look at the internal construction. The wooden beams are hefty. Sadly, there is one piece of graffiti...and the miscreant can take it off immediately and then I hope he/she will disappear into oblivion! We don’t need that stuff! 

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cherokee and Oregon City

Not too far away are two tiny towns, both from the Gold Rush era, that somehow cling to life!

The first town is Cherokee. If you can read the small print, you’ll find out that a lot of gold was extracted from the mines here. There was even a diamond mine (the first in the US) and the largest diamond extracted was 6 carats! When the town was founded, in 1853, 2 years after CA became a state, it had a population of over 1000. There were 2 churches, a post office, and 17 saloons! Now you know what was important!

Not too much is left of the town today. The ruins of the mining facility, 

the well for the town, 

and this caboose, standing on the grounds of the Cherokee Museum. I have no idea how they brought the caboose to Cherokee as the road is narrow, twisty and not well graded. It’s still nice to see a caboose as they were taken out of operation about 30 years ago.

Continuing down the twisty road, there’s a the left is the covered bridge at Oregon City. Oregon City was established in 1848. That’s an old town for CA. In fact the first civil governor of the state came from Oregon City. At least that is what the sign says. I have no idea what a “civil” governor is...but I wonder if CA still has one?

Then there’s the covered bridge. I don’t know when it was built, but I’m guessing it’s a recent reconstruction as it’s in pretty good shape.

Lastly, the old school is still standing.

It was a good day for a drive to historic California.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veteran’s Day

It’s Veteran’s Day and we need to honor the brave men and women who have kept our country free. Thank you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Colors

The trees are beginning to wear the reds, oranges and yellows of their autumn dress. Today we went for a rainy day autumn drive to look at the colors. Looking at the colors in the rain gives them a muted tone you never see on a sunny day. Here are a few of the images that we are seeing right now.
I took this at the local community college. The red leaves dominate the landscape, with just a hint of yellow. A pretty place for a picnic (if it was not raining).
I liked this image because it shows 3 of the colors we are seeing. The bright flame red, the yellow, and the green that has not changed yet. When you see the 3 colors together, the image is striking!

The delicate leaves of this tree, (I think it is a pistachio) are in high contrast to the greenery in the background. A good place to take a leisurely afternoon stroll....and if you take a few steps more you will see the creek.
What is up on the trees, will soon fall down to the ground. The blankets of leaves are amazing this time of year. What I liked about this shot is the green sprig that refuses to admit that autumn is here!
It’s a pretty time of year...the last big display of color before winter arrives. We’ll enjoy it while we can.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Drive in the Country

I had lunch with a friend this afternoon and on the way home, I saw some neat pictures that were begging to be captured.

While the California hills are still golden (or as outsiders say, dead) there is beauty out there.

I love the old green oaks dotting the golden fields. Notice how the tree has been pruned...the cows do that.

One of the “pruners”munching on the grass this time.
This mighty oak has a hole in the middle of it. I don’t know why...any ideas?

There is something intriguing about old homes and barns. I wonder who lived there? When? Why did they leave? What’s the story? What causes someone to leave a home? These are questions to which I do not have an answer. Take a look at two more...
 You have to wonder what is keeping this structure standing up? Was this a home? A cabin? How long has it been abandoned?
What caused this destruction? Why was it not repaired? It’s on a working ranch, yet it’s not being fixed? So many questions, no good answers.

Along the way, I spotted this old fire engine, which leads to yet another question...why is it here?
But I’ll end on a happier note...a group of mailboxes waiting for letters from friends!