Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Drive in the Country

I had lunch with a friend this afternoon and on the way home, I saw some neat pictures that were begging to be captured.

While the California hills are still golden (or as outsiders say, dead) there is beauty out there.

I love the old green oaks dotting the golden fields. Notice how the tree has been pruned...the cows do that.

One of the “pruners”munching on the grass this time.
This mighty oak has a hole in the middle of it. I don’t know why...any ideas?

There is something intriguing about old homes and barns. I wonder who lived there? When? Why did they leave? What’s the story? What causes someone to leave a home? These are questions to which I do not have an answer. Take a look at two more...
 You have to wonder what is keeping this structure standing up? Was this a home? A cabin? How long has it been abandoned?
What caused this destruction? Why was it not repaired? It’s on a working ranch, yet it’s not being fixed? So many questions, no good answers.

Along the way, I spotted this old fire engine, which leads to yet another question...why is it here?
But I’ll end on a happier note...a group of mailboxes waiting for letters from friends!

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