Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Dad’s Camera

I was at my sister’s home the other day and saw my dad’s old camera. It’s an Eastman Kodak Camera, with  3 patent dates, 1908, 1916 and 1919. I have no idea when he purchased the camera, but I’m guessing it was in the late 1920s. 

I do know he took a lot of pictures with it over the years. It went on every family vacation. It was used at all the holiday celebrations. When it was replaced with a more modern Kodak Brownie, this camera lived in the trunk of the car in case a camera was needed. It was also used as a “safe”... take a look at the huge film compartment. My mother would stash money in that compartment when they took a trip! Try using your modern camera for a “safe” nowadays! 

As I look at it  now, I wonder if it still works. You cannot get film for it. The “lens” is dusty, and the “viewfinder” is clouded over. In fact it has 2 viewfinders: One for taking “portrait” shots, the other for taking “landscape” photos. It’s primitive, but in it’s day, it was a miracle.

On the back of the camera, the embossed stamp reads "No. 2A Cartridge Premo, Model B" that used film No. 116. I looked up the camera’s worth about $20 today! Kodak made a lot of these cameras.

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