Sunday, October 28, 2007

Palm Cove, Queensland in OZ

We are on the last leg of our journey having landed in Cairns, Queensland this morning. Part of the journey has been learning the language. Learning the "Aussie Accent" has been challenging. Cairns, in Aussie, is "Cans." Today I am driving a "Tyota" but yesterday I had a "Farlane" (aka, Fairlane). It takes a bit of time to understand the lingo. Now that we are getting ready to leave, we have our ears "on."

Cans is tropical and pretty. The beaches are clean; the sand is white; the skies are blue; and the water is aquamarine. The mountains in the background are covered with lush tropical plants filled with strange looking birds. The are signs on the road saying "watch out for kangaroo," but so far we have not seen any. I think the signs are akin to "watch out for deer" in the states becuase you never see any deer where you see the signs.

Tomorrow we'll take a 1 day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. I'm really excited. Our ship is supposed to have a small submarine so Chet will be able to see the critters up close and personal while I try some snorkeling. If I get a chance, I'll report about it next.

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