Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Horses for Wendy

Every morning I like to walk our country road and talk to the neighborhood horses. This morning I took their pictures.

This trio of horses generally saunter toward me as they know I have hidden carrots. They love their carrots.

Pepper is the baby on the block. She's an Arab/Paint mix, stands 13-3, and has a sweet face. According to her person, she'll lose her paint patches when she's about 10. So look quickly, they are going away.

Then there's Red. He's big and gentle and eats all the time.

There are other critters along the way...jackrabbits, a family of Canada geese, some Ozzie Shepherds, kildeer and lots of birds. There used to be a bunch of meadowlarks in the fields, but I've not seen any this year. I wonder where they went?

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