Friday, July 8, 2011

Wildflowers Finally

I was beginning to think that the wildflowers would not appear this year. Sometimes the flowers won’t bloom if they have been overwatered...and we have an abundance of water...but the news is good.

Just this week the geranium (above), lupine,


 cone flower, 

 and paintbrush

 made an appearance. 

The front “garden” looks like I want it too with the taller trees shading the wildflowers below. Unfortunately, the garden does not stay this way all summer. In another month the flowers will get ready for the fall and the “understory” will brown out. Right now it’s green with lavenders and yellows and orange.

 There’s also a domesticated group of flowers in the mix. I have some colorful baskets around the house. This morning I even saw a butterfly...but alas no picture.
 I have never been a person who gardened...and I don’t think I “garden” now, but I do enjoy the beautiful blooms of summer!

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