Monday, October 10, 2011

In Italy

We flew to Rome, stayed overnight in Civitivecchia, boarded the Ruby Princess and made our first landfall in the tiny Principality of Monaco.

Monaco was something else. Tiny, built up, sparkling clean, and filled with yachts. One more thing...the weather! Monaco is part of the Riviera and the weather is spectacular!

We toured the Palace and the cathedral . Saw the royal tombs, the royal guard but alas, none of the royals. We found that in order to become a citizen of Monaco you have to be able to live there six months on your own income then buy a residence. But here's the hitch, a residence is going for €75,000 per square meter. Our guide told us that a square is about the size of a the math. There's one more catch. To keep residency you need to stay 6 months plus one day. If you can do that then you do not pay income taxes. I don't think we will be moving to Monaco anytime soon.

Yesterday we stopped in Livorno and we did something that is truly enjoyable...we stayed on the ship. When the other folks are off the ship, it's like having your own yacht with a crew of 1000 anything is possible. Ruby Princess is a pretty ship with lots of venues so there's someplace to go or something to do and it's great to be able to take advantage of that when most of the pax are away.

Today we are in Naples and we are going to Herculaneum. I hope I can find a wifi to post this. We have wifi on the ship but according to the computer guru here, iPads are too fast for their system. Who knew?

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