Friday, February 10, 2012

It’s an RV: To JA Jance, the Wall Street Journal and others who need to know:

What is an RV? It’s a group of vehicles that are used for leisure.

One sub-group of RVs is the motorhome. There are at least 3 flavors of motorhome: Class A, Class B and Class C. I have pictured a Class C which is built with a van front, and Class A motorhome which is usually built to look something like a bus.

Class C Motorhome

Class A Motorhome

Another group of Recreational Vehicles are those that are trailed behind a car or truck. They are called Trailers and there are many varieties of these. I’ve included a picture of a Fifth Wheel Trailer and a Conventional Trailer.


Another group of RVs are campers that are put in the bed of a pickup truck. I’ve pictured two of those
The generic name for all of these vehicles is RV (which is short for “recreational vehicle). Some folks think a motorhome is an RV and the rest of those vehicles are not. WRONG.
What got me on this little tirade is a book I just finished. In JA Jance’s Damage Control she talks about a family who owns a Mobile Home Park where people drive their mobile homes to in order to enjoy the warm Arizona winter! You cannot drive a mobile home! (See picture below) You drive a motorhome. Big difference.
The Wall Street Journal makes the same mistake. Several times a year, the WSJ will publish an article about folks driving their mobile homes down the highways and byways of the US enjoying the great outdoors. Again a mobile home does not move!  Can you picture the above mobile home rolling down the street?

It’s simple. A mobile home cannot be driven and it is not mobile. A motorhome is part of the group of leisure vehicles called RVs. Other RVs include trailers and campers.

Sorry for my rant. I needed to set the record straight!

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