Monday, March 19, 2012

The Game That Got Away

Many many years ago I had a Macintosh SE-30 computer. This was a cute little all in one unit that weighed about 20 pounds and sported a mouse. (Believe it or not it was considered "portable" then and we had a carry case for the little beast.) Other computers did not have mice in those days and they were far more bulky too. Well along with everything else that computer did, it was a pretty good game player.

We played Tetris and Welltris for hours. We also played Columns. These were fun, addictive games. For clearing the mind, Columns was the best! Well the computer was replaced by something better/newer and the game did not work on the replacement computer. I tried to buy it and could not find it. I've been without that game for twenty years.

Then, last night I was window shopping at the App Store and as a lark I searched for Columns and I found it! Better yet it was free! I read the blurb and it sounded like my old game so I downloaded it and sure enough it was the same game only in color. What a hoot!

A game from memory lane--from the far more simple days of computer games. There's no one to kill. There's no one to compete against. It's just a matter of clearing the columns. It's from the days of Pong and Pac-man. I love it a lot. So if you want an old fashioned computer game get Columns but I warn you--it can be addicting.

I copied this photo from Wikipedia -- computers have evolved quickly!

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