Thursday, March 13, 2008

Caribbean Hello

We're in the sunny Caribbean. What a gorgeous place. East coast folks go here...west coast folks go to Hawaii. We've spent a lot of time in Hawaii, but after this trip, we might need to come down here an explore a bit more.

We're on the NCL Dawn. It's a working cruise for us. This time I'm lecturing instead of Chet. He's the go-fer and all around helper--an important role as so many things can go wrong. On our 2nd lecture we had an LCD projector that did not project reds. This is not good when you are asking folks to look at color photography. After changing the projector once and the cable twice, we finally got the reds to work! That's what the go-fer does. (As an aside, last month we were on a sister-ship, the NCL Star. The Dawn seems to be much nicer than the Star. Better food, better service, more friendly staff/crew. It makes you wonder what makes one ship "work" so much better than another? If you have a choice, pick the Dawn right now!)

I don't know what island I like the best: Dominican Republic is rural; Tortula, British Virgin Islands is more urban and St. Tomas in the US Virgin Islands looks like home with a tropical tilt. All are wonderful. The water is exquisitely clear. The beaches are beautiful. It's hard to talk without using superlatives. We'll be back.

More later

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