Saturday, March 29, 2008


Fokker Over the Nazca Lines

We´re in Lima, Peru for the second time this year. Last time we stopped at the port of Lima, Callao--this time we´re in the city proper. The city is huge. It´s a metropolis of 47 different districts, each with a mayor, and then there´s a mayor for the whole city of 9 million souls!

The Hummingbird

Early this morning we flew to Ica, Peru, in the desert, in order to see the Nazca Lines. My the Lines are fascinating. Not only did we see the animals like the spider, monkey, parrot, dog, hummingbird, and flamingo, we also saw the shapes of the tree, hands, trapezoids and triangles, and of course the astronaut. I´ll post some pictures when I get home. We heard theories about why they are there and how they were made, but no one really knows why or how!
The Spider

While in Ica we went to a museum where we learned more about the people who pre-dated the Inca. We viewed mummies from many centuries ago as well as pots, weavings, quipu, and carvings from the many different desert cultures. Most interesting.


Tomorrow we board the MS Aqua Marina for a week on the Amazon River. We´ve been warned about heat, humid and bugs, so I think we are more or less ready for the adventure. The downside---we have to get up at 1 AM in order to board the plane to Iquitos on time. We´ve been told that we want to get on the river early in order to avoid some of the heat. I wonder how hot it is going to be.

More later. If there is wifi in the jungle, I´ll try to post.

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