Thursday, July 1, 2010

2nd Half of 2010

The days are speeding by. I remember summer was so slow when I was a it’s a blink of my eye. My mother said that would happen, and it has. I guess I’m not a kid anymore.  Take a look at my corner of the world in this first day of July. It’s really quite green and pretty.

I love the way this flag waves above our little valley every day. Today it was particularly pretty...just enough of a breeze to make it dance on the wind.

Some flowers have an easy time finding a place to bloom...other’s have the rocky clay that we call “soil”...this pretty little geranium is clinging to life in some of that “soil"..yet it’s happy and blooming. 

At the corner is a herd of long horn cattle. These are found in places other than TX.

The arrow leaf balsam root have finally started to bloom. They are late this year, but their display is glorious. I was trying to see the world from the point of view of the flower...not too bad.

The same flower, up close and personal. 

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