Monday, June 28, 2010

It’s Sunny

The sun has finally decided to grace this section of the world! Everyone thought it was going to be a gray summer. While it might technically be summer, at 6300+ feet, it’s not really summer...more like late spring.

Anyway, the landscape is beginning to green up and the lupines are just starting. It’s that hopeful time of year.
We’ve had a lot of prolific robins this year...but today as I was walking in the back, I discovered two blue eggs ... not in a nest, just laying on the ground. Neither is broken. I have no idea why they were abandoned.
The cone flower is growing about 2 inches a day! No sign of a flower, but the plant is making strives to grow one.

As usual, the dandelions are alive and well. It’s a good thing I like them. I titled this picture “double trouble”...and there are many more.
Lastly, the wild geraniums are still blooming. There are not many in the yard, but their pink blooms are always a welcome sight. The geranium you are used to seeing is a lot fuller than the “wild” variety. They are all part of the “cranesbill” family. If you click here you can find out more.

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