Monday, June 21, 2010

Global Warming?

I've been looking at my pictures from last summer to this summer and discovered that a lot of the flowers that were blooming then are not blooming now. I think it's because we had a colder winter, hence the title of this post. In fact, I've not seen this particular mountain with snow on it as late as June 21.

Last year at this time, there were 6 different flowers in the garden, this year there are 3: dandelion, vinca and geranium (which appeared today).

Last year I did not see any mushrooms, this year there are lots of them. I'm guessing the winter was not only colder it was wetter. (Is this a morel mushroom?? It's the only one I've seen...the others are pretty "ordinary.")
The deer are still eating away in the garden, and this morning I even saw an elk (did not get a picture of her).
I enjoy following the path of summer here in the Valley. I believe the cycle is a bit slower this summer.

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