Saturday, December 18, 2010

Cruise Critters

Since it is cold, and rainy, and windy, here, it’s fun to think about the warm weather we had in the Caribbean and the cruise in general. No cruise is complete without the towel animals that the cabin attendants leave in your room at night. I talked to our attendant, Jerrold, and he said he knew how to make 35 different towel animals.

Holland America has a commitment to these animals too as they print up “eyes” for the critters. On other cruise ship lines we’ve been on, you have to imagine the eyes, or the attendant clips little pieces of colored paper to represent eyes. Can you imagine how many “eyes” the company prints in the course of a week. If there are 2000 people on the ship, roughly 1000 rooms, each attendant is making 7 critters a week...that’s 7000 eyes, all of which need to be cut out. Just another piece of whimsey.

Here are some of the critters left in our room:

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