Friday, February 11, 2011

Of Fast and Slow

I’ve decided that I can take pictures with the new camera. They are not as good as the pictures I took with my other camera, but each day they are getting better. Practice is the key. I had lots of practice with the old camera and only 2 months with this new one. I need to give myself a break!

In the meantime, I’ve also decided that subject matter for pictures falls into 2 categories: Fast and Slow. The fast things get away and the slow things I can capture.  Landscapes are slow. Birds are fast! Every so often, I get a “fast” something, but generally, I’m better at capturing the slow.

The other morning there were 4 vultures sleeping in the tree. They were slow and I was able to get a few shots of that big bird.

Then there was this scrub jay. 

Jays generally bob up and down pretty quickly, but this guy was slow and then he jumped on a satellite dish and posed for me.

Then there is the hummingbird. This guy falls into the Fast Category.  I’ve tried...but this is the best I’ve gotten so far.

Unless you count the acorn woodpecker at the feeder??? An acorn woodpecker all bent up on a hummingbird feeder is clumsy and slower than a hummer...but still fast enough to fly away as soon as he sees that he’s the object of my attention.

There are also flowers...they usually fall into the “slow” category, as they do not move very much. But, have you noticed, every time you start to focus on a flower the wind starts to blow! So...there are some “fast flowers” too.

In the meantime, I click away hoping to find something pretty to color my day.

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