Friday, February 11, 2011

This and That

A morning walk is a good time to look at nature as well as muse about everything and nothing in particular. Every morning there’s something different to look at, even if I take the same path through the park. This morning I heard a sound I had not heard before. It was a rhythmic slap on the water...I looked toward the sounds and saw the UCSB rowing team plying the lake. I had not seen them before! I feel righteous with my morning walk, but rowing definitely trumps walking!

I also look at the trees. Do you ever wonder what makes a tree limb grow the way it does? This is a white oak, and they have the weirdest shaped limbs of any tree in the park. Makes me wonder why the limbs wander around as they do? Does anyone know?

Then there’s the tree bark. A sycamore has a very distinctive bark. Mother Nature had a bit of fun when she designed the sycamore tree.
Sometimes, tree bark gets modified by woodpeckers. I never see the woodpeckers going back to the tree to retrieve their bounty, but as you look at the tree, there are no acorns stuffed in the holes, so I guess the woodpeckers are fast (and as you know from a previous post, I’m not good at capturing “fast.”)

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Teresa said...

I came to see your Hawaii photos.
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