Saturday, December 17, 2011

Now there are four!

There have been vultures around here for as long as we have lived here. They usually perch on the fence posts on the property line far from people. Then I saw a pair on a power pole near my home a few days ago. That was a first. Since then, the same pair (I think they are the same pair anyway) shows up most days. Today, however, was different. There were 4 of 'em! The view from the poles must be grand! Given that, I needed to tell them that I'm not dead yet.

A little later it looked like they were getting worried as they were moving their heads up and down (maybe they do not like to be watched) and the fellow on the top of the pole stretched out his wings to soak up the sun before taking flight.

You never know what you will see in the morning. Life in the slow lane.

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joyce said...

Hi, Eileen, & Chet, too. I'm baaack. Decided to be bold and see what would happen if I clicked on ? and lo, here I am. R'cd e- today showing a moose up a telephone pole. Hmmmm! My sentiments probably same as yours. That spread-winged vulture looks REAL to me.