Sunday, July 8, 2012

In Search Of the Perfect Burger

A few weeks back I wrote that our favorite hamburger joint, Billie's, in Jackson closed down. Since then we have been trying to find a decent replacement for those delicious Billie Burgers. So far, we have not been successful.

In Idaho Falls we had a giant burger at Red Robin. Red Robin claims to be the home of gourmet burgers. They are also the home of the bottomless basket of steak fries. The burgers are OK, albeit dry, while the steak fries are yummy. They served my favorite drink, which is Club Soda, and the service was excellent.

Today we tried another burger joint in Jackson. It has the unlikely name of MacPhail's. I was doubtful from the start--when a restaurant has "fail" in it's name you might have to consider that an omen.

MacPhail's uses fresh baked hamburger rolls, premium Angus beef patties, fresh cut Idaho potatoes made into fries, and crisp dill pickles. All of this sounded promising. The hamburgers are cooked so they still have some pink in the middle and they are juicy. But that's all I can say for them. The patty was so dense, I think it will be riding in my tummy for a week and the was flavor off. It was not a tasty burger! The fries were fresh, but too thin so they dried out quickly. And they did not serve my favorite drink. All in all, MacPhail's failed. I will not be tempted to go back.

It's a shame. A great hamburger is a thing of beauty, and right now we are still looking for a Billie Burger replacement. We have to try the Cheeseburger Factory in Alpine. It's next on our list.

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