Monday, April 11, 2011

Around the House

Just a few views from around the “old rancho.” The hillsides are covered with greenery and it’s beautiful. It will not last very long, so we need to enjoy it while it’s still here.

There were a pair of geese on the pond this morning. I heard them “talking" to each other before I saw them...then they glided in over the fence and landed ever so gracefully on the still water. Of course I did not have the camera ready to record the landing. I wonder if they are going to stay for the rest of the spring?

I like to look at old wooden fence posts and we seem to have a number of them. You have to wonder how they stand up and how they keep the cattle out. To me, it looks like one swift “kick” and the whole fence will topple over. Somehow, that does not happen.

Every so often, I see a little surprise. This morning it was a footprint or rather a paw print in the mud. I don’t know what made it, but it was worth a picture.

Lastly, we come to the “famous wood pile.” The wind was so strong, it blew the pile over so we reinforced the framework with t-bars and the other DrC has been working on restacking the wood. I did not know there is a science to restacking wood, but apparently there is. This morning, as he was finishing up, he stepped on a piece of wood with a rusty nail in it...the nail went through the sole of his shoe and landed in his big toe. The next stop was to my file of medical records to see when he had a tetanus shot. It was 9 years ago and they are good for 10. I called our doctor and he recommended it might be a good time to get a  new one. So, the wood pile is still not as tidy as it should be, but we don’t have to worry about lockjaw! There’s always something.

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