Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cool Bike

In the summertime there are a lot of motorcycles in Jackson. Folks and their bikes come to Jackson for at least 2 major motorcycle attractions. The first is the Harley-Davidson Rally in Sturgis, SD (held this year from August 8-14). The second is the Beartooth Highway, which is considered the best motorcycle drive, and the most scenic road in America. One of the best ways to get to Sturgis is to drive the Beartooth and to get to the Beartooth, you need to go through Jackson!

Given that, we see a lot of bikes in town. I was attracted to this bike because it was a big touring bike, obviously for 2 people,

 It is well equipped with dual cup holders!
 Lots of shiny chrome!
 And, a badge telling the world that this bike is ridden and enjoyed! 
It cannot get any better!

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