Thursday, September 8, 2011

ZAGGmate Review

As you know I am an iPad user. Today I received a companion for my iPad...a ZAGGmate case with keyboard. I've been playing with it for less than an hour and so far so good. It is very easy to set up. The keyboard is tiny, but it solves the problem of not having a "real" keyboard on the iPad. The keys are in the right place; the general feel of the keyboard is good; the keys however are small and closer together than a regular keyboard (much like the keys on a small netbook computer). The case is sleek aluminum and it fits the iPad to a tee affording very good protection. Just click the iPad into the case and there's no way the screen will get scratched or the iPad will fall out. I looked at a lot of iPad keyboards before deciding on this one. The deciding factor was a good review from Mossberg, the tech guru for the Wall Street Journal. He liked it...and what he said agreed with other reviews I had read. There are many places to buy this keyboard and I chose because it had the best price and it also has a very good return policy. I'm writing this from the keyboard...I would like to post a picture, but alas, this blog does not accept pictures from an iPad. That is something that Apple and Google need to work on.

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