Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mod-Cons for a 21st century RVer

Yesterday I wrote about all the camping mod cons and I started to think what were those mod cons? Electricity cannot be called modern any more as RVers have enjoyed it for years. Indoor plumbing is not exactly new either. Most RVers have TV and radio (satellite for both no less). RVers have been using their cell phones for at least 2 decades. We have also been enjoying larger RVs with slide out rooms, washers and driers, double door refrigerators with freezers, microwave/convection ovens and even dishwashers. The modern RV is very well appointed with king sized beds and some even have 2 bathrooms! So what are the mod cons for the 21st century camper?

I've been pondering that question and I've concluded it's the emergence of readily available wifi.

In 1998 we took a cross country RV trip. At that time I was teaching an online class and I had to beg campground owners for a phone line so I could connect my laptop with an internal modem to a dial up server. I remember giving campground folks lessons on dial up and modems. All that has changed. In the intervening 14 years many campgrounds advertise free wifi. I'm still teaching my online class but I'm doing it from
the comfort of my RV on my own time schedule. I use my iPad and connect to my class without a hiccup!

This has led me to think what were the mod-cons for other points in time? What was the mod-con at the turn of the 12th century? Or the turn if the 18th century?

Enuf! I'll stick with wifi. What do you think?

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