Sunday, January 1, 2012

Two Veteran RVs

We have been playing with RVs for the last 40 years. During that time we have owned 5 and we have looked at countless others.

When we were first bit by that "RV Bug" In the early 70s, one of the cutest class A motorhomes was the Cortez. It was a self contained unit, not too big at 18 feet long and it had all the mod-cons. We went looking for one but alas none were to be found in the Sacramento area. I've just discovered why--only 3211 Cortez motorhomes were built between 1963-1989. It's no wonder we did not find one sitting on a dealer's lot. They were pretty rare. Nowadays they are very rare!

What we did see was a cute little Winnebago Brave at 18-20 feet. Not nearly as cute but available. We decided that the Winnie was not cute enough and we ended up buying a Chinook Class C motorhome. If you are interested, see my March 29, 2011 post for a picture of our little Chinook motorhome.

Right now we are staying in an RV park where 2 of those old motorhomes are still being used and enjoyed. I wonder how many miles they have on them? Our Chinook had 125,000 miles on it when we sold it in 1983.

The first picture is a 1971 Winnie and the second is the Cortez (I don't know the exact year, but I'm guessing 1966). A good motorhome never dies.

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