Monday, January 16, 2012

Movie Review: Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible 4 was released around Christmas. This series is usually a good romp without much story and Mark 4 of the series proved to follow suit. Lots of action. Lots of Tom Cruise doing his stunts. Lots of the latest kill the bad guy toys.

To get ready for the movie we rented MI-1. I tried to see it, but it put me to sleep. Filmed near the beginning of the Internet age it featured lots of keystrokes and action music but I could not find the plot (maybe because I fell asleep). Nevertheless we saw MI-4 the next day in the theatre and it was great fun. But it referred back to stuff in the precious MIs so we rented 2 and 3.

The saga has one story line...someone has taken something and Tom and his team have to get it. In the process of getting it, they travel to exotic locations do astounding things and retrieve the item in the nick of time and world disaster does not happen!

Over the series you see Tom gently age--he's no longer that cute kid in the first episode. He's matured yet he still plays the same character who is brave and true. That's what makes it a fun series. The bad guy loses and the good guys win. I like it when the good guys win.

If you want pure escapist action happening in some interesting locations, see the movie.


Amber Salm said...
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Amber Salm said...

This is the fourth film of this movie series. Its very enjoyable and thrilling movie. A must watch.
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