Sunday, June 17, 2012

East Berlin

Our river cruise is starting one day late as the river does not have enough water in it to float our boat. Bummer comes to mind -- but that's the way things go. Seems like The Czech Republic and Germany had a mild winter this year. We did too!

So instead of floating our way to Berlin we drove here. We got to see some pretty German countryside planted with potatoes, corn, wheat, wind farms and solar fields. A different set of crops. Along the way we found out that the locals call their PM Angie-babe. (I guess all leaders face similar problems!) 300+ kilometers later we were in the "old" East Berlin bunked in at a Holiday Inn that was a Soviet-era hotel. It's a block-house that is far from fancy. The hallways are narrow but have been lined with marble tile to make them feel more elegant. Our room is basic with twin beds, dresser, old medium-sized color TV, closet and ensuite bath (we are happy the bath is included). The hotel was reserved at the last minute as the captain determined only 2 days ago that the river was not deep enough. I guess our guides were happy to get this place as most rooms are booked as there is World Cup Soccer-mania happening right now.

We are seeing a part of Germany we would never get to see if the Elbe was navigable right now. Today we have a tour if Berlin then later on today we will board the MS Allegro. Travel is almost never predictable but it's always interesting.

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