Monday, June 18, 2012

Various Pictures

Tangermünde is a village of towers. One of the towers was the prison. If a person was convicted of a crime he or she was made to stand in the stocks in front of the prison for 24-48 hours of public humiliation. Then the poor miscreant was sent to stay in the prison for the rest of his or her punishment. Can you imagine how it felt to be imprisoned after being stoned or hit or "tomato-ed" for 2 days?

The next picture is of a mail box. I thought it was so elegant. Definitely worth a picture.

The next picture shows the official plaque that is put on a home after it has been restored to near original condition.The last picture shows a couple of restored home. BTW, we saw a real estate office listing local homes and the prices were incredible--€250,000 and higher. These homes are not your basic €200000 "fixer-upper."

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