Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hamburg Harbor and General Impressions

Yesterday we had a harbor tour of Hamburg. It's quite a facility. It's the second largest port in Germany getting container cargo from all over the world. It's fu to look at ships from Valetta or Shanghai or Lagos.

I was surprised by the number of bridges in Hamburg too. More than Venice in fact--maybe 4 times the number of bridges than Venice making Hamburg the number one city in the world bridge-wise. Now that's a fact everyone needs to know.

We left Hamburg with very positive feelings. It's a nice place. A mixture of old and new architecture. People from all walks of life and many nations. Relatively clean streets -- a very good underground system -- and a feeling of safety. We liked it a lot. For folks who want to live in a neighborhood and bike or walk to work, Hamburg would be a good place to live.

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