Saturday, November 10, 2007

Home and Away

Just when we thought we were going to be spending a quiet 6 weeks at home, we received an urgent email from our cruise lecture agent begging us to help her out. She had 3 last minute cruises that needed lecturers. Two were during a time when we are going to be on a cruise, but one was for November 18. We looked at our calendars and said "we could fit it in" and in a weak moment said "yes."

That was yesterday. Today we received an email from our agent saying we "got" the November 18 we are on the ocean waves again. This time we'll fly to LAX and board the Diamond Princess for a 16 day cruise that will take us to Hawaii and Mexico. Check out the itinerary at We've been to Hawaii a lot this year, but it's always fun to return to that island paradise. Since I fell in love with snorkeling, I think I'm going to practice some more in the calm Hawaiian waters! Sounds like fun to me.

We'll get home from this cruise and 11 days later, leave on another cruise! We'll have had 7 cruises this year! What can I say!

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akachanj said...

Wow! You are going to be on "sea duty" again! (It must be much better than the real Navy, though!)

We look forward to hearing about your newest cruise!