Sunday, November 25, 2007


Today I walked around downtown Honolulu and rejoiced at the beautiful autumn tropical weather. The sun is shining brightly, the tradewinds are blowing lightly AND (here's the best part) the humidity is low. In other words it's absolutely beautiful. Hawaii is a special place.

The Diamond Princess is safely berthed at Pier 6 where she dominates the skyline. She's taller than the Aloha Tower. Because it's Sunday, downtown is quiet. There are few cars, but never forget that Honolulu is a major city. All you have to do is look towards the hills and you see skyscraper after skyscraper marching along the horizon. Thank goodness there are beautiful flowers in bloom to soften the harshness of commerce.

The stores are decorated for Christmas with a mixture of poinsettias and orchids. There was a Christmas show at the Aloha Tower mall and the kids were dressed in red print skirts doing the hula to "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" which was really cute. My heart was captured by a little three year old with her own private rendition of the dance. On the other hand, all the other dancers were most proficient.

As always, the flowers capture my attention, and Honolulu has a world class collection of hibiscus. Today I've seen them ranging from yellow to pink to orange to deep red. Tomorrow we're sailing to Nawiliwili in Kauai.


akachanj said...

Thank you for the wonderful pics. It must be so nice to be in Hawaii 4 times in a year... Our record is 2 times in 3 months, and I thought that was a lot!

I have only been there in spring and summer but I would love to experience their "winter." It would be interesting to see their mele kalikimaka for real!


Cruztalking said...

Hi Nan
Good to hear from you. Late fall is beautiful here. We've had one mele kalikimaka here--in 1979. Weather at Christmas is wonderful. It's good sea duty too but not the same commitment as the Navy.
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