Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Year

This past weekend we celebrated our 39th Wedding Anniversary! My parents thought our marriage would not last...I guess they were wrong! I wonder if all parents have that thought? I'm guessing they probably do. Whatever!

For the past few weeks we've been planning what we are going to do on our 40th Anniversary that we forgot to plan anything for the 39th! For our 40th we're going on an OAT adventure on the Adriatic. We've not been to the Adriatic before, so that will be fun. Also, we're going with our friends who are also celebrating their 40th anniversary! 

As for the picture...that's us at one of our favorite spots...Jenny Lake in the Tetons! 


Anonymous said...

What a great looking couple! Congrats on your 39th wedding anniversary. Our 30th comes up next January, so we need to do some planning too. Take care.


Michelle said...

I met you in June 2007 aboard the Norwegian Pearl...you inspired me then and continue to inspire me today. Thank you. When I grow up (I am 38), I want to travel just like you. I did finally get me a GREAT camera so in 49 days when I board the Sapphire Princess I hope that I can take some photos that would make you proud.