Friday, April 16, 2010

The Ratio

Someone asked me the other day how many pictures I take to get a good shot. The answer is MANY...and not all of my ideas work. The leaf below is from an African Violet. I thought that the textured fuzziness would make an interesting picture. It doesn't. I took a whole series of pictures of several leaves, only to find out after the fact, that it's not very interesting.
On the other hand, here's an African Daisy. I took a series of this flower this morning and they all came out well. It was hard to determine what was the best and this one is the winner. The dew drops help, but the colors are vibrant. I especially like the center of the's so intricate. Not until I downloaded the picture did I notice the deep purple and yellow.
I like to put some wildlife in my photos now and again. Today a lot of bees were flying near the photinia. I took over a dozen pictures trying to get a bee to "stand still" long enough to get wing detail. This is the best of the lot. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good. 

Somedays are better than others. I took a series of pictures of some burgundy mums...not one of them came out. Reds and yellows are hard to capture. Reds have a tendency to look like plastic and yellows are too bright. 

I saved 24 pictures today. I took 53! I should delete some more, but I like the pretty flowers in my gallery, so they will stay.

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