Friday, April 30, 2010

B is for Bird on Barbed Wire

I take the same walk most days. It's 1.6 miles from my home, to the bottom of the road and back to the house. I take my camera on my walk with the idea that I might see a picture or two and I rarely come back empty handed. This 1.6 mile stretch of country is well photographed!  Today I was looking for "B" pictures, and the barbed wire caught my attention. It's nasty stuff, yet balancing on the wire, was a sweet little bird. The bird does not know the barbed wire is prickly, so he's happy to sit on it.

Following along with the bird theme, is the rooster. My neighbor has a passle of roosters that wander around the 'hood. They have no problem walking  right in front of your car and making you stop...however, when you go to take their picture they run like the devil. I "captured" one this morning and he was none too happy.

Then there is this dog. Every morning we play a game. I walk close to his fence and he barks and barks...when I don't move, he stops barking and he comes near the fence to "talk" to  me. He's all bark and absolutely no bite.

It's spring and the flowers are in bloom. I love the bouquets of red mums. Can you imagine what a garden filled with these wonderful flowers would look like. Unfortunately it's only 2 plants, but they are both blooming like crazy.
But the best places to look at are the neighborhood ponds. There are several. A gentle zephyr was wafting this morning, so the ponds were mostly still and the reflections were wonderful.

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