Sunday, April 25, 2010

A is for April Birthday

I'm starting a new Alphabet book. Like all good ABC books, it needs to start with A which in this case stands for "April Birthday."

Growing up, April was "birthday month." Four members of my family were born in April and I made it five. Then on my 16th birthday, number 6 was born, my oldest nephew! What a treat!

I celebrated my birthday on Friday at my sister's home. Instead of a traditional birthday cake, my sister made some yummy chocolate strawberries. These are the best!

I turned in my 143rd Project Linus Blanket on my birthday. It's a really soft and pretty striped blanket with shades of blue, burgundy and white (and this picture does nothing for it!) Some child is going to have a really cuddly blanket with this one.

We also celebrated the 80th birthday of my sister's sister-in-law. Here's a picture of two of her grandchildren trying to light the candles. Thankfully, they did not put 80 of them on the cake!

Happy Birthday April Babies

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