Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Back to the Old

Well...after 4 months of learning how to use the Canon 60D I decided it was not the camera for me at this point in time! My nephew was looking for another camera as his "died" and now he is the proud owner of the 60D. He got a fantastic camera and I feel like a weight has been removed from my shoulders. The camera was wonderful. It took great pictures. It had one major drawback--size! The complete camera kit of lenses, cases, filters, tripod and extras was just too much to carry! Now I'm free from it.

I needed to buy the camera to see what it was all about. I now know. I also know I can use any type of camera AND I choose to use a point and shoot! All pictures from now on will be taken with my old reliable Canon G-11 or iPhone. They are perfect for me!

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