Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flowers after the storm

Most of March has been stormy and gray. It's amazing any flowers have survived the onslaught, but a few hardy individuals have persisted. The African Daisy is a surprise! I planted it last year on a whim and it made it thru the winter!

The ceanothus sounds like it is hovering over the ground as it's filled with bees. They have not had a chance to do their work with all the rain.

 The redbud has been battered by the wind yet a few blooms are clinging to the limbs. The trees only bloom 2 weeks a year, and this year, most of the blossoms were blown away.

 The firethorns are just starting. It will be awhile before their red berries appear.

 The rosemary are just starting to sprout their bluish purple buds. Soon they will "hover" like the ceanothus will their own flock of bees.

 The last flower to arrive is an iceplant. The bright golden yellow flower looks like a shining beacon in the garden.

 It's good to have the sun back! March came in like a Lion and it looks like it will go out like a Lamb. Tomorrow is April Fool's Day! I wonder what that will bring!?

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