Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jays, Squirrels and Vultures

For the first time this winter, I did not have to bundle up to take my morning walk. It was warm. The sun was shining on the lake. I loved the sparkles on the water.

The sun came up quickly! As I looked up at a “bald” oak tree, there were 3 vultures with their wings spread wide catching the morning rays. As they looked down on me I wanted to tell them that I was still alive, while I was standing as still as possible in order to capture them on my camera.

After the vultures, I was ready for anything. A jay jumped on a fence and posed for me.

That’s when I heard the scold of a squirrel who was hiding in a tree hole. Can you see him? He matches the tree well.

At the lake, Harvey, the goose was taking a bath.

This is life in the slow lane.

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