Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vulture in the Morning

I finally saw a big bird on my morning walk. I was hoping to see a hawk or osprey, instead I saw a vulture. At first I did not recognize the lump at the top of the tree to be a bird at all, as it was all puffed up and shaggy, but as I looked more closely, I could see that the shagginess was moving ever so slightly. I was sneaking up on a sleeping vulture. That’s good...a sleeping vulture is slow. I whipped out my camera and started taking pictures of him.

Somewhere along the way he sensed that I was there and before I knew it, he opened his wings and was gone. I was able to get 16 pictures of him...and a few came out well.

 Next stop was the marina to look for ducks. The ducks here never leave the park. They know they have it good, so why leave. They are also somewhat slow.
 The ducks I focused on today are 3 Muscovy ducks, which are pretty exotic looking birds.
 They have a very distinctive red head, and the male has a really bumpy beak.
They are pretty tame, so I could walk right up to them and take their portrait. I don’t think there were any male ducks in this group as none of the beaks were bumpy enough. I wonder what I will see tomorrow?

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