Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Morning Walk

I try to take a walk every morning. Recently, I’ve been getting up early in order to see the birds, and maybe capture them in a picture or two. They are all fast, and I’m slow, so I do not have much progress to report. Today I thought I might as well take a picture of a dumpster, as it’s slower than me!

The other morning I saw a bunch of acorn woodpeckers hammering away on one of the huge white oaks that grow here. The problem was getting close enough to see them and then taking a picture. If I got too close, they flew away. When I was farther away from them, I could not get the details I was looking for. One of my friends says I need another lens, but I will stick with this one for awhile, as there’s so much to learn on this new camera.

This morning I saw a huge covey of quail. While these birds do not fly away, they walk away...or should I say run away. I saw them, took a couple of pictures and then they just fled into the surrounding brush never to be seen again. There’s no way a person can escape that quickly.

What I am liking most is the beautiful scenery around the Lake. The place is not developed. There are not any houses or shopping centers or for that matter, people. It’s quiet and serene. It might even look like it did 50 or 100 years ago. That’s pretty special.

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Bill said...

Love seeing pictures of Lake Cachuma again. We are having fun here in AZ, but miss seeing places like that. Got your email and will respond soon. Take care and hi to Chet!