Thursday, August 4, 2011

County Fair, Part 1

We went to the County Fair last night to see the 4H pigs, and other animals...and to see the horse pulls!

The pigs we’ve been “following” are at the proper weight now, 260 and 261 pounds. They are also cleaned up and ready to be shown on Friday. I’ll let you know more about that on Friday. However, here’s the piggies, Bubble and Double Stuft. Have you ever gotten a pig to pose? I asked my small guide about that and he said sometimes “pigs are stubborn!"

It’s not that bad waiting to be shown at the fair...this pig looks to be in Hog Heaven. Do they know that after the auction on Saturday things will be a big different? I don’t think so!

We also looked at the other critters. Some of the prettiest beef was on display. The 4-H kids take good care of their animals.

Then came the horse pulls! Read the next post!

Lots and lots of white hats at the fair too!

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