Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Traffic Circle

Traffic circles are common in the UK and now they are cropping up in the US. I’ve never liked them in the UK because all my driving reactions are based on the “wrong” side of the road. In this country, I don’t have that problem...I’m not used to them so I find  them a bit of a nuisance.

Given that...Idaho Falls has decided to install a number of traffic circles along some key routes. Most of the circles are ordinary looking...then there is the one on S. Utah! It’s a bit over the top!

This traffic circle is decorated with a pair of larger than life eagles, a mountain lion (about normal size) and waterfalls. The traffic circle completely dominates the street. Forget about seeing oncoming traffic, all you see are the huge eagles coming in for a landing. (double click on the photo to see the details)

Judge for yourself...is it good or bad? I’m still undecided!

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