Saturday, August 6, 2011

County Fair--Part 4

Today was the auction! After months of caring for an animal, the kids took one last official walk in the arena with their critter. The Grand Champions were the first to go on the block. The prize beef sold for over $4000!  Next came Grand Champs for the sheep, pigs and goats. After the Grands were sold, the “ordinary” critters were sold. While these might not have won Grand or First in Class, they were all cared for by their person.

Folks were free to bid in the auction, or they could buy “add-ons” to support their favorite 4H club, or person or animal. We chose not to buy animal, but we did buy some add-ons to support the cause.

 Once again, 4H did well. The kids were smiling on the outside, knowing full well that their animal was going to the slaughter house and provide many good meals for the highest bidder. That takes a special type of bravery for a youngster! Congrats to the kids!

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