Sunday, August 28, 2011


For those who know, WWF is an acronym for a smartphone game called Words With Friends. It’s a type of Scrabble that is played with other folks who have the game on their smartphone. I’ve been playing the game on my iPhone and iPad.

I became hooked on the game at Christmastime, when my niece was on disability and a lot of us were trying to keep her occupied as she recovered. I guess it worked, as she recovered...but by then I was addicted to the game. At any given time I have several games going at the same time with friends and family from east coast to west coast!

As with Scrabble, it’s a vocabulary/strategy game. The goal is to score the most points while blocking your opponent from getting more points. It can become a “cut-throat” game if you let it get out of hand!

The most points I’ve ever scored with one word is 179! The word was THIMBLES (can you find it above). THIMBLES was a 7 letter word that went through a double word space, a triple word space AND a triple letter space on the board. Seven letter words automatically score an additional 35 points, and they are the hardest words to make.

Recently, playing a game with my sister, I scored 3 seven letter words in a row...ANGRIER, PILLOWS and OCTANES. I’ve never had that happen before.

When we went to the Adriatic in May, I discovered I could play the game wherever there was a I played with my WWF friends while I was in Corfu, Croatia, Albania, Greece and Slovenia!

I play a “non-cut-throat" version of the game with 2 of my WWF friends...we are not looking for point value as much as we are looking for word length!  I believe this version of the game is more fun and really stretches our vocabulary!

If you would like to play a game of WWF with me, just ask. It’s great fun and it’s a good way to keep your mind working! If you look at the boards above, you can see my handle is cruztalker.

PS: I play a pretty mean game! I’ve been doing crossword puzzles for years, I read a lot and I’ve always had a great vocabulary...three assets when playing WWF.

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