Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I have a series of riddles for you. Don’t worry, they are easy...I think you will get them quickly!

Do you know the difference between a working and a non-working refrigerator?  It’s really quite simple...the working refrigerator is cold on the inside. The broken refrigerator is hot and sitting in a puddle. On Sunday morning we awoke to a puddle in the kitchen, thawed food and a broken refrigerator.

Have you ever tried to get service for a refrigerator on a Sunday? The “broken” fridge is a Kenmore from Sears, so I called Sears. The nice man who finally answered the phone said he might be able to make it to my house by Friday! This is not workable. What are we supposed to do in the meantime? Needless to say, Sears did not have an answer to that riddle.

That’s when we called a refrigerator repair man we had used 16 years ago. He answered the phone, remembered us no less, and then asked if 9 AM on Monday would work? The answer to that riddle was YES!

He walked into the kitchen, listened to the fridge for a couple of seconds, immediately diagnosed the problem as a broken relay. He gave us a choice of relays. Do you want the $65 relay from Sears that just failed? Or, do you want the $15 after market part that has never failed me in all the years I’ve been in business? The answer to that riddle was easy too...we’ll take the $15 part.

The new relay was installed in less than 30 minutes. The fridge was repaired!  Then we spent the next hour talking about what we had each been up to during the intervening years.

For my last riddle: who would you rather repair your fridge...a cold impersonal company on a tight schedule or a local fellow who remembers you from years past and does an excellent job for half the price?

That riddle is just too easy to answer.

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