Tuesday, August 24, 2010

151 and counting

I reached a Project Linus milestone one blanket back and did not realize it. I finished my 151st blanket last night. It’s a really soft blue blanket with stripes of the palest pink, lavender, yellow, and green. It’s the middle of this group of blankets.

The Sacramento Chapter of Project Linus gives me yarn to make the blankets. Every year they have fund raising drives to buy yarn. They also have yarn drives for new and not complete skeins of yarn. Apparently lots of people buy yarn with the idea they are going to make something, but never seem to get around to it...or they buy too  much yarn and have extra. These “extras’ are gems!  Because I like dealing with odds and ends of yarn, I get a lot of partially used skeins of yarn and my job is to crochet the scraps into something that is useful and pretty. The chapter calls these “Scrap Blankets” and they are my favorite type of blanket to make.

Here are the last 8 “scrap blankets" that I’ve made this summer. If you have any scrap yarn and do not know what to do with it, think about donating it to your local Project Linus chapter. With over 350 chapters across the US, there’s bound to be a chapter near you. To find out where your local chapter is, go to www.projectlinus.org.

The blankets go to a good cause: kids in need. Kids are defined as people up to 18 years old. They can be homeless, in the hospital, victims of an automobile accident, or survivors of a disaster. (PL sent thousands of blankets to Haiti earlier this year...and we sent blankets to flood victims too. I wonder if any will go to Afghanistan?)  The sheriffs in our county have Project Linus Blanket Kits in the trunks of their cars and they give them to kids who have just survived a car crash. It’s good to have a blankie!

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