Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cruising Up the River

We spent a week cruising on the Seine as it snaked its way from the Atlantic Ocean to Paris. If you look at a  map of the river, you see that it is a long, meandering river.

As with all river cruises, there’s not a lot of wave action, so you never have to worry about getting sea sick. You will get mesmerized by the passage of the countryside.

As the river passes villages and towns and cities you get a look at the countryside and the houses. Some of the houses are modern, some are old and some are huge!

You also get a chance to look at river traffic. While not as busy as the Rhine, there are barges and boats on the Seine transporting people and items from scrap metal to oil and everything in between.

I especially like the bridges. As we sailed into Rouen, we passed under a bridge decorated with a huge neon orange wooden structure on it. I have no idea what the structure was, but it was fun to look at. Publlic art at it’s most creative and imaginative.

As you cruise down the river, you see “everyday life.”  There are folks who have their little boats on docks. Other folks are fishing on the river.

 You see dams and you pass through locks.

There’s always a bird or two to look at. Swans and pelicans were common.

Since you are on a river, it’s not always warm. But, if you want to see the view you bundle up and enjoy.


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