Sunday, August 22, 2010

Along a Back Road

Today we took a Sunday ride along one of my favorite dirt roads. It’s a washboardy, rutty, pot-holed wonder that is filled with wonderful scenery. The backdrop of the mountains was highlighted by blue skies with puffy clouds.

Along the way we saw a lone deer cross the road, a few squirrels, and a few osprey nests. This has been a good year for the osprey as there are nests all over and they all have young. This one, looked a bit lonely in comparison to the others...only 1 bird  that we could see.

We saw some Canada Geese plying on a pond. I’m guessing this is a family as Canada Geese generally have 8 or so goslings a year and both parents take care of the babies all summer. As you can see, the babies are just about full size and they might be getting ready to fly away for the winter!

Of course, I cannot go near the Tetons without taking a picture. While not the classic view of the Grand Teton, you can still see the tell-tale “bird shape” of the mountain. And, good’s late August and there’s still some snow on the top. The last fews years have been dry and the snow has not lasted past July.
This is a pretty good picture of Jackson Hole. It was taken from Teton Pass from the “Idaho-side.” In the background, you can see the profile of “Sleeping Indian” if you know where to look. Can you find him?

So, it’s still green up here, and the leaves have not changed yet, but it’s just a matter of time. The light is different than it was earlier in the summer. The trees have a different hue to them too. Fall is in the air and some day soon, the aspens will start to wear their autumn dress. Summer in the high country does not last long!

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